A sophisticated microbial
slurry inoculant

What is Digest-It®?

Digest-it® is a slurry inoculant that provides a rich food source for microbes as well as dormant aerobic bacteria species that are able to feed on and break down the organic matter in the slurry and use the ammonia gas as a source of nitrogen to grow, thus turning it into microbial nitrogen.

The Benefits of Digest-It® include:

  • Grows more, better quality grass by improving soil health
  • Increases nutrient recovery from slurry
  • Reduces agitation time and odour
  • Reduces odours when spreading slurry in field
  • Kinder to organisms living in your soil, including earthworms

Application rate of Digest-It®:

  • 1 litre treats 5,000 gallons (22,500 litres) of slurry
  • 20 litres treats 100,000 gallons (450,000 litres) of slurry

Digest-It® Trial Results

The graph below shows the results of a 5-year grass silage dry matter (DM) yield comparison on untreated and Digest-it® treated dairy slurry. Digest-it® delivered on average a 20% increase in yield across 5 years.

This additional grass is worth €171 per hectare, representing an 11:1 return on investment after product costs have been deducted. This is delivering improved sustainability benefits and a significant financial benefit to farmers. 

Purchasing Digest-It®

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