One Health, From Soil to Society

One Health, From Soil to Society

It is estimated that 95% of all our food comes directly or indirectly from the soil.  As such, it is critical to protect the health of our soils, so that they can continue to supply the nutrients required for plants to grow and flourish, thus optimising nutrient flow, adding value to the agri-food supply chain.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Forage = Healthy Animals = Healthy Environment

Soils are often neglected and as a result, soil health suffers, which can reduce grass yield and quality. This will have a detrimental impact on animal health, productivity and the environment.

A survey conducted by Thomson & Joseph examined mineral trends for grass silage over the past 20 years and uncovered the following:

  • 50% ↑ in Potassium
  • 200% ↑ in Iron
  • 33% ↑ in Molybdenum

All three minerals are implicated in cattle nutritional diseases, as risk factors for hypocalcaemia which includes milk fever, dystocia, retained placentas, metritis and displaced abomasums. Depressed immunity and infertility and are caused by poor soil health.

The 3 Step Soil Improvement Programme aims to improve the health of soils by physically improving soil structure, rebalancing the nutrient status of the soil and biologically enhancing it with aerobic microbes, through the application of Digest-It® treated slurry, thus providing an environment for healthy soil life to flourish, leading to healthy forage, healthy animals and a healthy environment.


If you look after the soil, the soil will look after you!