3 Step Soil Improvement Programme

The Soil Improvement Programme comprises three steps, designed to reinvigorate soil life and maximise the nutritive value of forage.
Image of an Aerator usewd in the physical step of the Soil Improvement Programme

Example of an aerator


Step 1 – Physical

Aerate the soil to disrupt surface compaction

Using an aerator when ground conditions are dry and suitable, will reduce surface compaction and improve soil structure. You must ensure the soil is dry before aerating, to prevent smearing and further compaction.

Benefits of improving soil structure through aeration:

  • Encourage root development
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Increase forage yield
  • Improve forage quality
  • Enhance drainage
  • Reduce nutrient run-off
  • Stimulate soil life



Step 2 – Chemical

Analyse soil to identify and correct any nutrient deficiencies and imbalances.

Soil analysis provides data on:

  • Soil pH
  • Fertiliser nutrient status and requirement
  • Biological activity
  • Mineral balance
  • Trace elements

Correcting soil pH can increase grass yield by up to 30% and greatly imporve nutrient availability.

The Calcium-Magnesium balance is important for creating a stable soil structure to increase resistance to soil compaction.

A detailed plan with recommendations for corrective action is provided with our soil analysis. To see an example of this report please click here.

Chemical anlaysis report from the Soil Improvement Programme

Sample Soil Analysis Report

Before and after adding Digest-It

Image of slurry lagoon pre and post treatment with Digest-It®


Step 3 – Biological

Digest-It® is a biological additive, rich in aerobic bacteria, enzymes and nutrients that aerobically composts slurry, improving its fertiliser value, thus increasing forage yield, forage quality and forage nutritive value.

Digest-It® is approved for organic use.

Benefits of Digest-It® include:

  • Reduce energy required to agitate tank,
  • Increase nutrient availability and value of slurry,
  • Grow more grass,
  • Break down crusts and solids in tank,
  • Reduce odour,
  • Approved for organic use.

For more information on Digest-It®, click here.

Hear from our customers…

“Particularly with Digest-It® in the slurry we definitely feel we are getting a lot more nitrogen out of the soil along with the added benefit there is little or no smell.”

Martin Heaney,

Dairy Farmer, Co Meath